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Cyber security

On August 1, 2016, the Security Section of the National Agency for Network and Electronic Services was established to strengthen NASES computer security.

About the Security Section

On the 1st December 2016 within the Security section has been established cyber attack responsive Unit – GOV CERT SK. The main goal of GOV CERT SK is to solve and provide co-ordination in the case of security incidents. In the same time GOV CERT SK coordinates activities of the Monitoring Center, which provides ongoing monitoring of the government data services GOVNET and other ongoing projects.

NASES continuously cooperates with the National Security Authority and CSIRT.SK in dealing with specific incidents and threats. Identified incidents and threats NASES deals with the affected institutions.

Every year GOV CERT SK employees actively participate in the international cybernetic exercise NATO – Locked Shields.

On 2nd February 2017 the GOV CERT SK Unit has been included in the international network of CERT units registered in CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY. The unit is currently preparing registration processes to the Trusted Introducer Service.

CERT GOV SK and Security Section of the NASES within their scope performs reactive and proactive services for Govnet-enabled institutions.

As part of reactive services, IT specialists perform alerts and warnings, provide and coordinate support in security incidents, analyze vulnerabilities, and perform technical analysis and control of hardware or software vulnerabilities.

As a part of proactive services, IT specialists provide threats notifications for individual institutions, vulnerability warnings and provide the institutions with expert advice concerning cyber security. They also use vulnerability scanners  to monitor systems and parts of the network.

GOV CERT SK coordinates the solution of cyber security incidents, provides continuous monitoring and resolution of incidents of the services of the government data network GOVNET, the Central Portal of Public Administration and other operated projects and information systems of the National Agency for Network and Electronic Services. When dealing with incidents at the Central portals of public administration, it cooperates with the organizational units of the National Agency for Network and Electronic Services, which ensure its operation.

GOV CERT SK also provides services that are necessary to manage computer security threats and incidents, to eliminate their consequences, to create lessons from them and to provide cooperation in the subsequent recovery of activities.

It participates in or carries out methodical, consulting and training activities in the field of cyber and information security, information and electronic communication networks within its scope.