National Agency for Network and Electronic Services

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The National Agency for Network and Electronic Services (hereinafter referred to as „NASES“) was established on 1th January 2009 as a contributory organization of the Government office of the Slovak Republic in order to fulfill professional tasks in the field of Informatization of Society, management and operation of electronic communications networks and services for other government bodies, legal entities and natural persons, who requires information and data from information systems, databases and public administration registers.

Activities of NASES support development of e-Government services in Slovakia. This activity leads to improving the effectiveness of the public administration performance and simplifying interaction between citizens and authorities, as well as supporting the information knowledge base of the society, public sphere, business community and the general public.

The key tasks of NASES are:

  • organizing, operating and development of GOVNET network
  • operating sTESTA network at Slovak Republic
  • operating and development of Central Governmental Portal (
  • operating and development of Information system for registration and payment of administrative and court fees
  • operating and development of Central customer service of Slovak Republic
  • administration, operating and development of national cyber security systems

Bratislava, January 1st, 2015

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